Let’s all talk about Bill Maher

Bill Maher is opening a new mockumentary called “Religulous” due out in October of this year. I have a problem with this movie because Maher and his Borat croney have resorted to the same tactics of the Expelled retards in making his “shocking” flick: lies and manipulation.

See, Bill never allowed interview condidate to know that he was the one interviewing them. He even used a different name for the film to coax interviewees into  false sense of security. However, Maher is a champion of rationality, right?

As it turns out, not so much. Turns out that Rational Bill is against vaccines. He doesn’t belive that the polio vaccine was the cause of the dramatic drop in polio cases. And this is the rational man that is going to lead the way against religious irrationality? Not fucking likely!

When you are a rational person, when you are able to look at the evidence and make a decision, you have to use that rationality in every aspect of life. You can’t rail against the ridiculousness of the Easter Bunny and believe in Santa Claus. You can’t believe in gnomes, but not elves. When you promote rationality in one aspect of life, you are held to a higher standard in all others.

Thanks for your attempt at poking the religious right, Mr. Maher, but no thanks.


6 Responses to “Let’s all talk about Bill Maher”

  1. Serious? Doesn’t believe in the polio vaccine?

  2. Absolutely serious. I’ll try t find the link

  3. Here we go, from a Larry King interview:

    KING: Polio was eliminated.

    MAHER: Yes but, you know, there are many books out that will — that will — and I’m not well enough versed on it to talk about it that will indicate that there are other reasons why it was.

    And a lot of diseases that have been they say, whoa, this was eliminated because of a vaccine, they find out well no actually the country got toilets and that’s what happened. (source)

  4. Unfortunately this Bill Maher is not only a master in talking stupid about vaccines, but also he loves to make fun of the most respectable indiviuals of Islam by mocking and making fun of Grand Ayatollah Sistani in his disgusting tv programme.

    Shame on him and on his untasteful words.

  5. No one has the right to not be offended, and the “most respectable individuals of Islam” deserve to mocked just as much as any televangelist or the pope. That said, I did lose quite a bit of respect for Maher when I found out he was anti-vaccine and buys in the to “vaccines cause autism” fallacy.

  6. I agree with mathyoo on this one. Sistani may have done a lot of good work, but that does not protect him from someone questioning or even mocking his religious views.

    It all depends on what is being mocked.

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