Student forced to pray for Jesus’ forgiveness

From Blabbermouth via

Former ROB ZOMBIE guitarist and current SCUM OF THE EARTH frontman Riggs‘ 13-year-old son was reportedly reprimanded by his eighth-grade art teacher for wearing an inappropriate t-shirt in the classroom. The art teacher allegedly insulted the student in front of his peers, dragged him out of class into the hallway and forced him to pray on his knees for forgiveness from Jesus Christ. Later that day, the principal had commented that “we will have to have a board meeting about the situation.”

There’s more to the story from the links above, but this quote captures the gist fairly well. The shirt that the teen wore was a concert tee from his father’s band that showed a monster crucified. I can see how this may offend certain people, however the appropriate response is not to trample all over a kids Constitutional right of freedom of speech then force him to supplicate himself to a man that’s been dead for thousands of years.

We’re supposed to have a separation of church and state in this country. It was one of the founding doctrines of our government. Yet it is still so easy for one person to say “To hell with that, I’m going to use my authority to force my religion on this child”. This teacher has abused her authority in a particularly egregious manner by insulting a child in front of his peers, then stealing his rights to free speech and free religion, if only for a moment.

Let’s imagine this kid’s humiliation of being ripped out of the classroom, then taken into the hall, forced to get on his knees in front of the teacher, then forced to ask the forgiveness of a fiction. A teacher has abused her position as a state employee to further her own religious agenda. She should be relieved of her job. This is child abuse, plain and simple, and it should disgust anyone who reads it, especially Christians!

However, I foresee that there will be no Christian outcry. I see in my mind the nods of approval from any Christian who hears about this, reveling in this teacher’s righteousness, wishing it had been them to teach this child his place. To them, freedom of religion is no more than a tool to legislate their religion, and dominate the will of any who differ in their beliefs.

If this can happen with out wall of separation in place, what will this country be like if these religious nutjobs finally succeed in wearing that wall down to nothing?


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