Millionaire flees haunted mansion

Anwar Rashid and family fled Clifton Hall, their home for 8 months, and handed it back to the bank because of ghosts. The young family experienced such horrors as tapping, voices, red stains, and ghosts actually taking the forms of their children.

Now, I know what you’re going to say, the taps are the house settling, the voices were people talking or a radio or TV, the red stains were cranberry juice, and the specters taking the form of their children were actually their kids.

However, I was able to find actual video recorded in their mansion of a ghost actually attacking Mr. Rashid. Video is after the break.

Wow! Good thing he found that power pellet!

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19 Responses to “Millionaire flees haunted mansion”

  1. My father can get rid of those ghosts easily enough. Has done this a lot. Ihave seen the results. Many ppl haunted and he prays and goes thru the house and those spirits will leave. Have the owner contact me.

  2. Well, considering that hauntings are an imaginary problem, it doesn’t surprise me that an imaginary fix worked.

    Considering the amount of my time that all my other millionaire friends take, I probably won’t talk to Mr. Rashid anytime soon. But, as soon as I do, I’ll be sure to tell him about your Ghostbuster dad.

  3. mohammed antar Says:

    the thing you will read is not a joke iam so serious i know a man whou can sove this problem he had solved one like that in lebanon if any one whou is intrest in solving this problem or any one who can let mr anwar rashid let him konw about this massage plzz let mr anwar rashid read this massage iam not asking him to pay money before he can site in his home (note :the problem will be solved in 1 day mximum and mr anwar rashid will be abill to see the diferance before and after ) this problem of gost is so easy fo this man

    my phone : home: +XXXXXXXXXX
    cell phone : +YYYYYYYYYY

  4. Mohammed, don’t give your number out on the internet. There’s bad folks about. I have removed your telephone numbers from your comment but they can be provided is someone is desperate to meet Mohammed’s Dr. Abdullah Venkman.

    Also, Mohammed, please feel free to borrow some of the punctuation that I have provided below. You may need it in further Internet communications, and I would like to be known as a generous man.


    You’re welcome.

  5. Hi and good evening from Germany. We have actually read about this case in our local paper. Since I am a person gifted with “different” abilities, I can only offer to help. I am positive, this house can be cleaned, the poor souls can be guided into the light. This is an professional offer, this is what my colleagues and I do for a living (among other healing and teaching). So… as you can see, I can spell, punctuate and so forth. I have no clue, how to get into contact with anyone who could be interested in solving the problem. Maybe the bank? Anyway, the www is quite helpful, maybe you can be, too?

  6. […] Hall haunting: part 2 I’m getting a lot of traffic on the previous post on Anwar Rashid and the “haunting” at Clifton Hall. The comments that I’m getting […]

  7. Sabine,

    Unless you are “differently gifted” with the ability to locate knocking water pipes or local pranksters feigning ghostly voices at the front door, or can offer Mr. Rashid more sound financial advice than abandoning a multi-million dollar investment, I doubt you will be of much use to the man.

    I will be helpful to Mr. Rashid by avoiding the facilitation of any attempts by psychics, mediums, or other such hucksters in contacting him.

  8. Hi my name is DR. Benjamin Ghostrider. I can help you, just give me the house in a gift, and you will get rid of the ghost.. muhahahaha

  9. LOL

    Let me see the skull thing, please?

  10. I am no psychic, medium..i do not feel ghosts, i cannot get rid of them.
    What my team DOES do, is offer either a validation of the claims, or a debunking.
    You’ll find poltergeist-claims are a lot less funny when you’ve got proof on video and audio.
    We do not fake our material…if we can’t find anything, then we will report that as well…
    We have experience with thse things; we debunked a famous haunted house for being just a ruined house, and we were able to validate a VIP persons claims of weird phenomena by means of video of flying objects and dis-embodied voices on tape

  11. eqqumiit taamatut tunniutiinnajatigisimasut, uffami medianik tamakkuninnga ikiorserneqarsimagunik… taamak illorsuaq akisutigisoq ilartigisoq hehehe..

  12. I think that’s Danish up there, but am hacing trouble finding a translator site that will do anything with it. I’ll keep trying until I get something.

  13. St. Bastard Says:

    Well, I can’t find anything that translates. So, whatever language that is, we’ll have to take Hanne’s word for it that it was really funny!

  14. At present I see no reason to doubt what has been reported in the press. I personally have seen 2 ghosts, including one on the London Underground (she actually spoke to me, then disappeared). I am collecting TRUE ghost stories and unexplained happenings, for eventual publication (I hope). Mostly short and in the first person. I’d like some more! Payment would be made if published.

  15. Hanne’s reply is not Danish, I know because I’m a Dane. That is Greenlandic.
    To the article itself, I can only say it was good reading. šŸ˜€

  16. “At present I see no reason to doubt what has been reported in the press.” – Charles

    I thought it was particularly obvious from the get go that Mr Rashid was lying. Firstly he didn’t suggest he had taken his child to hospital when he found blood on it’s cot, which sounds highly suspect. If that had happened wouldn’t that be one of the first things you’d think about? Not that it was supernatural.

    Secondly he is going through bankruptcy problems at the moment… which suggests he has financial reasons to renege on the deal and has perhaps, bizarrely, decided a ghost story would save him some face.

  17. St. Bastard Says:

    Thanks Eski!

    Hard as I try, I can’t find a greenlandic-english translator, so we’re SOL here.

    Jae, I was thinking the same thing. Unfortunately, when people are willing to think uncritically about this kind of thing, there will never be contrary evidence strong enough to question the leap of logic to “ghosts”.

  18. Met anwar a few times I always found him courteous and on the whole a man of his word

  19. Anwar was a good man met him many times

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