Clifton Hall haunting: part 2

I’m getting a lot of traffic on the previous post on Anwar Rashid and the “haunting” at Clifton Hall. The comments that I’m getting on that post shows a bewildering ignorance on what kind of site this is, so let me break it down:


Got it? I had thought that the mocking “video” of Mr. Rashid being attacked by ghosts actually being an animated gif of fucking Pac-man might have given that impression. Apparently, I am being too kind to certain thick-headed people. Listen, folks, context clues are not exactly an obscure literary convention. Please learn to target and make use of them!

Another note: I don’t know how to contact Mr. Rashid. I just wanted to mock a guy who gave up a multi-million dollar mansion because of Inky, Binky, Pinky, and Clyde. I would also like to say that if I did know Mr. Rashid, I would help him by engaging the aid of a therapist and a sound accountant, not psychics, dowsers, ghostbusters, or any of that rabble.

I hope I have made myself perfectly clear.


One Response to “Clifton Hall haunting: part 2”

  1. Uzayr Nazir Says:

    I couldnt agree with you more I have known the man as he was a close family friend and his brother married my aunty. The ghost story was just a cover up. Most if not all he said was bull shit. he fled the country and lived in dubai for a while. He then came back and was imprisoned. He bought a bently and an austin martin ontop of that. He is supposedly worth £25 million so why would he ave a £.6 million mortgage? And why then could he not just buy another mansion? Complete and utter lies. I have known him for a while and although i have great symathy for his family i still dont understand his logic behind any of this.

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