Last post on the haunted mansion

Okay, this is the last word on this, but it looks like commenter Jae was right. According to Steven Novella at the always excellent Rogues Gallery, Anwar Rashid had filed for bankruptcy. Looks like he couldn’t quite afford that mansion after all, so he defaulted on the loan and made up a story about ghosts.

It turns out that Anwar Rashid is in bankruptcy. The following is from public records posted on Richard

7 (17.09.2007) BANKRUPTCY NOTICE entered under section 86(2) of the

Land Registration Act 2002 in respect of a pending action, as the

title of the proprietor of the registered estate appears to be

affected by a petition in bankruptcy against Anwar Rashid

presented in the High Court (Court Reference Number 9623 of 2007 )

Incredible, the amount of bullshit that can spew from someone’s mouth when they are trying to get out of trouble. Considering the amount of play this story has gotten, the better financial decision may have been to start offering tours for $50 a pop.

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6 Responses to “Last post on the haunted mansion”

  1. Shame, As an experienced witch I would have happily cleared the old place for him … for a small “donation” of course… maybe just enough to pay off my student loans and mortgage… don’t want to be too greedy…right?

  2. anwar rashid Says:

    just for the record the bankruptcy petition mention was Inland Revenue debt filed by Inland Revenue and was paid in full. oversite from accounts team.

  3. I have no idea whats wrong, im live in brazil and i have problems with ghots too, sorry for my bad inglish, so, if anybody have one picture UNDER the mansion i like to see…. Anwar Rashid have a HOTEL in Dubai, whats is the name of hotel? thanks

  4. Oh dear Anwar!!!!! At last your past wrong-doings have caught up with you and came to haunt you.

    Your own greed and rotton attitude was your biggest downfall, not the Clifton Hall. For once in your life come clean and admit that it was all a scam. Truth is you saw big pound signs by wanting to use the Hall as a wedding venue, but because it did not go your way, then the ghost story and further losses.

    Think back how many people you have hurt, treated them like they were dirt and how you belittled them.
    I feel for your family because they are led by your very controlling and maniplative ways.
    I am pleased that your so called empire has crumbled and a great pleasure to expose you for the person you really are. Maybe if you had RESPECT for others, paid your way, including car tax, income tax, rates, bills etc, like too rest of the country, then you would have been respected as a person.
    I have so much more about this chap, and evidence to back up my statements.

  5. Lol Rashid’s entry above, i am so pleased the tax man caught up with you. What about all the others that you have failed to pay.
    Nice one Jo, you said what i wanted to say about this person, (not a man).
    Update is that he has fled the UK to return to Dubai to his hotel, perhaps he should stay there and pay for the tickets to take his family back to be with him, instead of leaving them here to clean up all your dirty work.
    I noted you did not respond to Jo’s comments.

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