More Islamic human rights

A 28-year-old Russian woman and a 30-year-old Lebanese man were arrested in Dubai and put on trial. Normally, this is where you’d read that they were smuggling opium, but their crime was far more atrocious than that. They drank juice in public.

Shame! Scandal! Oh, the delinque… wait, what?

Yes, they are on trial for drinking juice and were arrested because:

In accordance with the Federal Penal Code of the United Arab Emirates, a public intake of food and beverages during daytime hours of the month of Ramadan is forbidden by Article 313. The article stipulates the punishment in the form of either a monetary penalty – up to 2,000 dirhems ($555) – or even a term of up to one month in prison.

Ah, sharia law… Is there no idiocy that it can’t commit?

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2 Responses to “More Islamic human rights”

  1. You may laugh but it’s a slippery slope… first it’s juice and next thing you know these people might be smiling in public, starting to enjoy life and before you know it they have moved onto harder drinks such as lemonade or cola.

    Any right thinking country would not want that!!

  2. St. Bastard Says:

    I guess it would have been wise for me to put a link in there to my first post on Islamic human rights. I is not n issue that I consider funny in the least. Ridiculous, but not funny.

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