I just got done watching the VP debate, and as expected, Palin played up the folksy, down-home angle. I think this will play well with the Republicans who have been nervous about McCain’s running mate pick. This is idiotic! I don’t want my next-door neighbor running this country. My next-door neighbors are morons, just like me.

I don’t want my President to be a guy I can imagine having a beer with. I want my President to have such a command of home and foreign policy that he would be talking over my head on almost every issue. I want the President to understand running a country in ways that are far beyond my ken. I want a professor, not a drinking buddy.

I want an elitist.


2 Responses to “Elitism”

  1. She did well. dammit.
    Biden got in some great digs, though – hammering away on the fact that there’s no real difference between McCain and Dumbya. He also looked Vice Presidential. His tone and demeanor toward her were perfect.

  2. St. Bastard Says:

    The thing is, she really didn’t. There were several times that she didn’t answer the questions asked of her, to the point that she admitted that she wasn’t answering them. That’s a big debate nono. When asked about the banking failure, she went of on energy. She used too many catchphrases: Maverick, Drill baby drill, hockey mom. She rarely went off of the talking points that she had obviously rehearsed. That interview with Katie Couric really set a low bar for her in the debate, and as a result, people didn’t see her as a stuttering moron, an equated that with good performance.

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