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Islamic Human Rights

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Is there a more self-contradictory phrase? Let’s take a look at some of the egregious violations of humans rights that have been executed under this draconian, pre-Enlightenment philosophy.

  1. Honor killings – you’d have to have your head stuck in the sand to have not seen a story about
    some Islamic father/brother/<insert male noun here> that has brutally murdered some oppressed woman in the name of Allah.
  2. How about women’s rights in general?
  3. Threats of prison and torture for an elderly British teacher that named a teddy bear after a student whose name happened to be Mohammed. I’m not making this up.
  4. Let’s not forget beheadings.
  5. Or the worst terror attack on U.S. soil ever, resulting in thousands of civilian deaths.

There’s more out there, but it’s tough to look at all those links without feeling a little nauseous, so I’ll spare you. Islam recently came to the UN Human Rights council with a request for help: they didn’t want Islam to be criticized during debate. Self-serving, eh? I guess starvation, poverty, and disease are nothing compared to the easily fractured ego of Allah!

You may be surprised to hear that Islam is continuing it’s selfish and infantile crusade for their version of human rights by proposing the Universal Islamic Declaration of Human Rights. Pitched (in my head, it’s by that merchant at the beginning of Disney’s Aladdin), as an addendum to the laudable Universal Declaration of Human Rights, accepted by the UN General Assembly in 1948.

Austin Dacey and Colin Koprosky have a breakdown of the Islamic Declaration that shines a light on it’s manipulative, deceitful, and anti-human-rights nature. I’ll give an example from the Dacey and Koprosky
article that describes the use of false Arabic-to-English translation to hide the references to sharia law and binds non-Muslims to it:

English: Every person has the right to express his thoughts and beliefs so long as he remains within the limits prescribed by the Law. No one, however, is entitled to disseminate falsehood or to circulate reports that may outrage public decency, or to indulge in slander, innuendo, or to cast defamatory aspersions on other persons.

Arabic: Everyone may think, believe and express his ideas and beliefs without interference or opposition from anyone as long as he obeys the limits [hudud] set by the shari’ah. It is not permitted to spread falsehood [al-batil] or disseminate that which involves encouraging abomination [al-fahisha] or forsaking the Islamic community [takhdhil li’l-umma].

The English version reads as an innocuous restatement of well-established norms, embracing rights to speech and generally accepted limits involving slander and libel. In its original Arabic, however, this article demonstrates a clear religious test for speech: one may not express oneself where limits are set by Islamic law, and one must not “encourage abomination” or “forsake” the Islamic community. (Emphasis mine)

Considering the monstrous violation of human rights mentioned above, why does Islam even have the ear of the Human Rights Council? Did they really think that they could slide through legislation that makes all UN members susceptible to victimization under sharia law? We’ve all heard that Muslims want sharia for them selves in countries that they have emigrated to, but this is the first time I’ve seen them try this kind of deceit to trick us all into following their thuggish code.

The Human Rights Council should laugh this drivel off the floor, and the UN should take the first step in telling Islam that they have to evolve their society into one that follows current human rights laws before they get to try to enact any.

(h/t to Pharyngula for the link and providing me with some morning rage)

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