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Debate 2

Posted in Politics with tags , , , on October 8, 2008 by St. Bastard

Being an atheist, I don’t have a god or gods to turn to for comfort or to understand the world. What I do have to those ends are the things that occupy my mind for most of my conscious life: ethics, morals, and people. Of course there are other things, pets, good beer, good coffee, etc., but those are the biggies, the ones that define my life and how I interact with others lives.

So, you might accurately say that I make a study of the ethics and morals in other people’s interactions. I have no idea what Sen. Obama thinks of Sen. McCain outside of policy points. That’s a good thing, because it means that Obama treats McCain with respect and has the restraint to keep his emotions from becoming a problem in public. Sen. McCain, on the other hand, constantly gives off little indicators of the rage ins disdain that he keeps bottled inside him. From closing his eyes to contain himself while Obama is talking, to the two examples below, McCain gives the impression of an angry and disrespectful man.

The first is an example of McCain dehumanizing Obama by calling him “that one”. Even his grin to the crowd seems like he’s baring his teeth, not to mention his unhidden sarcasm:

Next, we have an example of McCain refusing to shake Obama’s hand after the debate.

The little back pat that he gives Obama is demeaning and not the show of respect an equal deserves. Is this the kind of man that we can trust to meet with leaders of other countries, especially ones he doesn’t agree with? I think not.

I don’t think conservatives are bad people. Certain conservatives, like certain liberals, frighten me with the prospect of them having any hand in running our nation. John McCain, with his sarcasm, anger, and lack of respect, is one of them.

(h/t to TPM, which is good when they’re not giving their opinion, for the videos)